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What Can Groups Be Used For?

Join a group around something you are interested in or start your own!

The Poppleton Village website now has a new page called Groups, but what are they and how can we use them?

The new Groups page is a great platform to get to know other village members and get them talking about things that interest you. Some groups have already been created, based on common interests where members can post updates, share media, start discussions and much more. But if you can't find a group you want to join, you can start your own.

Here's a few ideas of how you might use it:

As a Team

If you are interested in, or involved with a village sports team, you could use the group (which can be public or private) to discuss team tactics, travel arrangements to away games, sharing photos of the game or listing the seasons events.

Business Owner

Perhaps you have a small business in the village with regular customers. Here you could update your group of customers with photos of new products available, special offers coming up, or simply to ask your customers for feedback on your current choice of products. You could also add discount vouchers to the group for them to download to use the following week.

Just For Fun

Maybe you are a keen traveller. If so you and your fellow group members could discuss travel arrangements, add photos of the trips you've been on, list hotels you have used and would recommend, or share travel advice when going to places a little further afield.

Now it's over to you. What kind of groups would interest you and others from around the village? If you need any help then please contact us.

There are no limits to what you could use the groups page for. But you must become a member in order to do so. Once you have signed up, you can invite other members, share your group on social media and get notifications of recent updates on your computer, by email or on the app. To download the app just go to the homepage and and click on the link.

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